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Seven Consumer Trends Impacting The Consumer Electronics Business

When you live in Silicon Valley like I do, you can’t help but be amazed how quickly what you hear as a rumor turns into a consumer reality for sale at your local retailer or online. This is especially true for consumer electronics that are currently undergoing an unprecedented explosion of innovation and change. I wanted to reflect on seven consumer trends I believe will drive continued growth and change in this multi-billion dollar category:

7 Questions You Must Answer to Know Your Social Media Target Audience

No one loves bright, shiny objects more than I do. I can't wait to learn about and try the latest NEW THING and I'm proud of my status as a card-carrying early adopter.

More often than not, when it comes to using social media or digital media to support marketing communications, I've had to squelch my natural inclinations and focus on 'state-of-the-market' rather than 'state-of-the-art.'

Why B2B is Adopting Social Media Strategies Faster than B2C

I was scanning the latest B2B Marketing Benchmark Report this morning from the MarketingSherpa folks and was stopped in my tracks when I read that B2B marketers are ahead of their B2C counterparts when it comes to adopting social media strategies.

But, the more I thought about it, the less surprising I find this trend for one, core reason. More on that and a look at the chart that caught my eye after the jump. 

5 Huge Trends in Social Media Right Now

I'm a huge fan of these 5 huge trends and if you set social media strategy you need to know what's emerging in the place where smartphones, location, commerce and social media meet. It's not only exciting, it's powerful and measurable.

Online Merchants Love Facebook’s ‘Like’

According to a June 2010 survey on the use of Facebook for social commerce by website conversion company SeeWhy, 35% of online marketers responsible for social marketing or ecommerce have already implemented Facebook’s “like” plug-in, and another third plan to do so. The social network’s “login with faces” plug-in is also gathering steam.

Read more on eMarketer:

P&G Embraces Facebook as Big Part of Its Marketing Plan

BATAVIA, Ohio ( -- Procter & Gamble Co. loves Facebook after all, and besides encouraging brands to develop a presence there, the world's biggest marketer has opened an office in Silicon Valley to help develop social-networking systems and digital-marketing capabilities with the website.

Those messages came in a meeting last week between P&G executives and venture capitalists, recounted by David Hornik on VentureBlog in a post that quickly picked up currency over the weekend on, of all places, Twitter.

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